Testing Services


SGS CyberMetrix' testing services labs continue to expand and add new capabilities. Two large after-treatment test cells are now online. 

These test cells offer:

Diesel burner + NOx generator (ammonia)  
60L engine equivalent flow  
Approx. 35% of fuel spend vs. equivalent engine testing
Approx. 20% of total cost vs. equivalent engine testing

An overview of SGS CyberMetrix' testing services include:

Large 40'x60'x20' cold chambers (-35°F to +150°F)
Two high pressure HPNG & diesel dyno test cells -20°F combustion air (12,000 cubic ft. Min) enough to run a 4000 HP engine under load indefinitely
Burner/thermal shock rig / chamber
Doser accuracy test stand Fuel contamination rigs
Thermal altitude benches
Thermal chambers from 5 - 1000 cubic ft.
Industrial ovens -70°C to 150°C                                       

Two large cold chambers can test your engines, systems or vehicles under load.